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Using industry leading equipment and products from Prochem, we are also able to effectively clean a wide variety of upholstery material. We are experienced and qualified to work on pieces that many other cleaners don't have the confidence to touch. Prior to cleaning, your carpet or upholstery is inspected to properly determine specific needs & procedures. Based on those results, the surface is pre-treated, thoroughly rinsed, and conditioned based on the type of material. Most upholstery is dry within just a few hours, and carpets are even quicker. An excellent upholstery protector can also be applied after the cleaning.

The maximum performance and enormous capacity make these machines the ideal work-horse for professional use in areas of any size. The units are distinguished above all by their application in both the commercial sector and domestic situations as it is possible to clean awkward corners and the edges of stairs to ensure a first class result every time.

Founded in 1974, Prochem Europe Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of cleaning machines for carpets, fabrics and floors. The model we use is called a Prochem Steempro, which is a powerful professional carpet and upholstery extraction machine fitted with a single 3 stage high lift by-pass motor and a 150psi diaphragm pump. An internal "whisper quiet" silencer which is incorporated makes it one of the most powerful yet quiet portable extractors in the world. An attached heat exchanger provides continuous hot cleaning solution via 4.6m hoses and a single jet stainless steel wand

Our Powerful Machine                                   


Solution Tank                       35 litres
Recovery Tank                     26 litres
Solution Pressure                10.2 Bar (150psi)
Vacuum Motor                     1 x 3 stage Bypass
Water Lift / Airflow            4064mm / 80ls
Hose Assembly                    4.6m
Carpet Wand                       30cm single jet
Tank Construction               Polyethylene with aluminium base plate
Non Marking Wheels           Rear Stair Climbing 25cm
Front Castor                       10cm - non marking
Power Cable                       7.6 meters
Weight                                35kg
Dimensions                         89cm x 78cm x 45 cm

Large heavy van mounted extraction machine carpet cleaning systems used by most franchised companies are operated by a wand at the end of a long hose. The vehicle must be parked near to the premises which can be a problem in built-up areas with limited parking space, and they do not perform as effectively at long hose lengths. They are complex to operate, and can be less reliable with higher maintenance requirements.

Portable, electric-powered extraction equipment as used by Leicester Carpet Cleaners on the other hand, work without undue disturbance to neighbours and can do a significantly faster cleaning job. They are responsible for much less residual water in the carpet after cleaning and are much less aggressive in the cleaning process.

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